Creatures of Light and Creatures of Night

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Creatures of Light and Creatures of Night

Post by Pharin on Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:43 pm

Depending on the color of your pelt, you are classified as one of two sorts of Creatures. Those with pale fur are Creatures of Light and those with dark fur are Creatures of Night. We ask that you history reflects the kind of Creature you are.

|Creatures of Light|

As their name implies, these wolves were raised away from the shadows, in a world of illumination. Why they now seek the shadows is their own business, and they are treated as equals with those of the dark. Creatures of Light cannot be born into our pack, you must come from across the mountains, though your history over there is up to you.

|Creatures of Night|
Born and raised in shadow, these wolves know the darkness as if it was an old friend. Not all creatures of night originate from our pack, but those that don’t normally find their way to us. Your history can either be that you were raised in our pack, or that you were born a loner and joined us later in life. You cannot come from across the mountains.


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