Pack Ranks

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Pack Ranks

Post by Pharin on Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:34 pm

|King and Queen|

The rulers of our pack, their word is absolute and obeyed by all. If a current monarch dies, the remaining monarch will select a replacement. If both monarchs are no longer living, it’s pretty much up for grabs.

|Lords and Ladies|

Second in command, they oversee day-to-day activities in the pack. While not as powerful as the King or Queen, their power is above that of the rank heads and they are selected by the monarchs based on merit and level of responsibility. The only promotion they can gain is to a Duke or Duchess.


The noble and brave fighters and guardians of the pack. Large and strong wolves who would stop at nothing to ensure the pack’s safety. The head knight is known as the Knight Commander, and it’s given only to wolves who exemplify the Pack Law and excel at their duties. There can be two Knight Commanders at a time.


Swift and cunning, hunters are responsible for bringing food to the pack. Their job may not be glorious, but it is respected and needed. The lead hunter is called the Huntsman (or woman), and it is given to a wolf that displays high skill at hunting and is dedicated to the pack.


The next generation is the most important one, and these kind wolves see to it that pups are raised understanding our rules and knowing how to carry on the pack. The head teacher is known as the Head Master or Head Mistress, and only wolves with considerable experience with dealing with pups can earn this.


Injuries and illness are unavoidable in life, and it falls to these wolves to provide aid to those who require it. They may be secretive, but they are wise and gentle. The lead healers are the Shamans, and they are wolves who are devoted to helping others to the best of their abilities and who live by the Pack Law.


A rank for the witty and fast, messengers must be light on their paws when exploring hostile territory and even quicker when delivering messages from the King and Queen. There isn’t a lead position for Messengers, but promotions can be given to the ranks of Runner or Scout, depending on which area a wolf excels at.

|Pups and Elders|

Not a rank so much as a title, pups are under the age of 6 months who have yet to begin training for their future rank. Elders are wolves over 6 years of age who have retired and are treated with respect for all their years of hard work.


While a very hard rank to earn, no glory is found in it, as the Gutters are the lowest wolves in the pack and are often mocked by the others. As their name implies, they are seen as trash by the pack. Only extreme disobedience and disrespect can get you this rank.

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