The History of Our Pack

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The History of Our Pack

Post by Pharin on Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:22 pm

Centuries ago, a group of nomadic wolves came into our dark land, searching for a home and place to settle. They found a cave to spend what they thought was just the night, but when the sun should have risen, they discovered that it didn't. The wolves were confused and looked to the mountains to the west, where the faintest light shone from behind the peaks. Some of the wolves proposed crossing the mountains, to find the sun, but others wished to remain in the endless night.

It was a heated argument between the two groups, neither side willing to give. Eventually, the wolves who wished to leave did just that, embarking on a long journey to cross the mountains. Those that remained flourished in the bountiful land of night, becoming allies with the shadows. Their pups were told tales of the wolves who betrayed and left, not trusting the security of darkness.

As for the wolves that left for the mountains, they reached the land of endless sun and snow and settled there. Their offspring were raised on stories of the terrible land of dark and the shadowy wolves that lurked there. As the years passed, and generations after generations inhabited the two lands, the stories twisted and grew more hateful and sinister. The original nomad wolves died and their children died, and years came and went until no wolf remembered the true stories.

It remained like this for many years, the Creatures of Night against the Creatures of Light, but without any true conflict. That is, until a Creature of Night crossed the mountains and attacked the rival pack, unbeknownst to the rest of her pack. They retaliated with an attack of their own, charging into the dark land and slaying many of the wolves there. Hence began a terrible, bloody feud that has lasted centuries.

Whether you are a Creature of Night, born into shadow, or a Creature of Light, betraying the sun, you are now a part of this pack and a part of the conflict.

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