The Pack Law

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The Pack Law

Post by Pharin on Sat Jul 04, 2015 7:27 pm

Any wolf that dares to go against this Law will be harshly punished, regardless of position or standing. Learn our Laws and know them well.

I. Protect the pack.
That is our top priority and the main focus of all our members. Our enemies are numerous but not invincible.
II. Respect your superiors and know your place.
They have worked hard to earn their ranks and deserve your utmost respect. If you are one of said superiors, do not abuse your position, as that is a swift way to lose your rank.
III. Be active.
A minimum of one post per week is required of ALL members, unless you have cleared a leave of absence with the admins. You will get two warnings if you are inactive without notice, and a third offense will lead to a period of suspension from the pack. Punishments for offenses beyond three times will be decided by admins.
IV. Don’t control other characters or God-mod your own.
You must have explicit permission from the other user should you wish to make actions for their character.
V. Do your duty.
If you have a job, do it. Simple as that.
VI. Do not double post.
Double posting is considered SPAM.
VII. Do not SPAM.
Forms of SPAM include: Less than three words, double posting, irrelevant replies.
VIII. Be kind and courteous to others.
Do not be disrespectful around the forums. If this was to happen then you may receive a warning.

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